HTRC is a tattoo removal clinic, also specialising in age spot and birthmark removal. Our total energies are dedicated to these disciplines, you could say we are fanatics.

Assessments and treatments by appointment only

Hinterland Tattoo Removal Clinic

HTRC is a tattoo removal clinic exclusively, we do not offer laser hair removal, body sculpting or any of the other beauty salon treatments. Our total energies are dedicated to this discipline. You could say we are fanatics. We use the Spectrum Q-switched Nd YAG laser, designed here in Australia.

Our treatments also include a plain reducing point of contact skin cooling system (-30C) and is included in the per treatment price. This makes our treatments as cost effective as possible. Treatment costs do not include any pre-treatment medication, topical anaesthetics or aftercare medication, creams or lotions.

Because HTRC relies on our reputation for future clients, HTRC do what is best for our clients and give them an honest and truthful appraisal and in most instances a capped price.

The Removal Process

Skin (in simple terms) consists of 2 layers, the Epidermis which is the top layer of the skin (this layer keeps replacing itself and is what peels off when you get sunburnt). The dermal layer is the thicker sub-layer, this is where the blood vessels, sweat glands, hair follicles and lymphatic system are located. The Lymph system is a crucial support to the immune system and also supplements the cardiovascular system by helping to ...More


How much does it cost?

The general rule within the tattoo removal industry is that what ever it cost (based upon a capital city professional tattoo parlor) to get a tattoo put on, it will cost 4 or 5 x times to remove it. Thus if a tattoo cost (for instance) $150 to get put on, it will cost you $600 or $750 to remove it.

Of course the price will be dependent on the number of treatments needed.  There are exceptions to this rule depending on many factors, this is just a rough guide.

How many treatments are required?

Multiple treatments will be required: sometimes a minimum of 4 and sometimes up to 12+



35 Kellehers Rd Pomona Qld 4568

Pomona is just off the Bruce Highway, half way between Gympie and Nambour. Servicing both the Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast areas. There is no need to travel to Brisbane.